GCA: Students

Welcome all GCA Studnets to the student made wiki for GCA! We Want everyone to enjoy this wiki and have as much fun as they can!

Reasons why it was Made

One day a person(not named)wanted to make a wiki for a friend who went to GCA. He asked her because he was board and wanted to make a wiki that people could enjoy for school. So he created GCA:Students. Thats why this wiki was made.

Fun things to do!

  • Go to chat and talk with friends.
  • Make a blog for everyone to see.
  • Enjoy some cool upcoming contests. 
  • Make cool art and post a pic of it up.
  • Put school fanfiction up.
  • Try to become an amdin.
  • Make friends!

As you can see there are tons of things you can do, you just have to experince them. So please join and have some fun!

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